Sunday, April 11, 2021

10 easy ways to look after elderly people

People when stepping into old age Which is the final age of life Is the period that should be helped Support from society In Thai society, there is a culture of caring for the elderly, but now have to admit that the economic and social conditions have changed. Inevitably affects culture And the way of life of Thai people Which inevitably affects the lives of the elderly Inevitably

10 easy ways to look after elderly people

  • Elderly people who are still strong Should exercise all 3 forms, namely cardio (fast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, light aerobics), playing magic, increasing muscle strength and stretching the muscles and practicing balance in order to be able to move. fluent
  • Fruits and vegetables that are easy to eat and not very sweet Will help the elderly receive sufficient vitamins and fiber
  • If the elderly have illnesses such as fever, panting, depression, vomiting or diarrhea If symptoms do not improve within 1 – 2 days, should hurry the elderly to the hospital. Should not buy medication by yourself

1. Eating is a big issue
Most seniors eat less food. Due to deteriorating organs in the body Especially the digestive system Causing bloating Including oral and dental problems Resulting in not being able to properly chew food In addition, older people tend to drink less water. And lack of exercise Therefore causing constipation Therefore, the food of the elderly should be soft, chewable food, may be chopped, chopped or blended into small pieces. Including changing the method of cooking to steaming, stewing, or boiling food to be soft

Focus on eating fruits and vegetables that are easy to eat and not very sweet To help the elderly get enough vitamins and fiber Protein should choose easily digestible types such as meat, fish, egg whites or milk. Avoid cooking, spicy flavor, reduce sweet, salty, as well as drinking sufficient water at least 1-1.5 liters per day. Reduce drinking sugary alcohol, avoiding tea. Coffee in the afternoon or evening helps to make it harder to sleep.

2. Move the body a little, life is long.
Exercise helps strengthen every organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, excretory system, bones and muscles, including the brain. However, many elderly people do not dare to exercise because they are afraid they will fall. Or afraid that there will be no exercise Therefore, the caregivers play an important role in helping to promote exercise for the elderly. Beginning with physical activities that are safe and suitable for physical conditions and provide assistance such as helping to move the body gently. Walking or swinging slowly Helps to stretch the muscles Allow at least 10-20 minutes every day and gradually increase the intensity and duration. If the elderly are still strong Should exercise all 3 forms, namely 1. Cardio (fast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, light aerobics) 2. Playing magic to increase muscle strength and 3. Stretching and practicing Poised to be able to move smoothly Add as appropriate, at least 30 minutes each time for 3-5 days a week.

3. Good hygiene,
reduce and stop things that are harmful to health, such as smoking, drinking, risky behavior, or falls. Supervise the control of medical conditions as recommended by doctors And see a doctor regularly For those who are physically strong, should check the health and screening for diseases of the ages. Of the elderly such as dementia, depression, osteoporosis, vision or hearing disorders Malnutrition Annually

4. Excretion is also important
The elderly should always observe their excretion of constipation. Frequent constipation, alternating diarrhea Flux stool Or have urinary incontinence or not However, you should not be ashamed to tell your caregiver or someone close to urinating problems because these symptoms may be a warning sign of some diseases. Which may be able to fix And the elderly will return to have a good quality of life again

5. Cleanliness,
immunity of the elderly is not strong, often easily infected Especially the elderly who are unable to take care of themselves or have chronic diseases such as diabetes, caregivers should pay attention to care for teeth, nails, skin, hair and nooks of the body including the genitals and buttocks. Should not be damp and irritating food, it is important not to eat overnight food Or taking old medicine That may expire Which can be harmful to health

6. Walking aids
Should use a stabilizer as recommended by the doctor The device should be suitable for each elderly person. Shoes should be chosen with a soft, firm heel or heel strap for the ankle to not come off easily. And the tread floor has good traction and is not slippery Don’t be ashamed of having to use a balance device if you have to go outside or walk a long distance. Because it will help reduce accidents And is an assistant, allowing the elderly to go on their own lives Not becoming a bed addict

7. Do not neglect medication and see a doctor
The caregiver should arrange medication to be easy to eat. And pay attention to the elderly taking the medicine exactly as the doctor recommends Do not stop the medication by yourself And meet the doctor by appointment strictly Should remember the drugs that elderly people use and inform the list of drugs to all doctors Every hospital that goes to see to prevent redundant dispensing Or drugs that strike together In addition, when the elderly are found to have symptoms such as fever, panting, depression, vomiting or diarrhea. If symptoms do not improve within 1 – 2 days, should immediately take the elderly to the hospital. Should not buy oral medication

8. Release, rest and stay in a good environment.
Stress, worry, negative thoughts are toxic substances that interfere with brain cell function. The elderly and carers should try to find ways to relax the mind. Choose your favorite vacation like traveling, reading, listening to music, dancing or hobbies. Provide an environment that is calm, clean, ventilated. Not too loud And should be exposed to sunlight at least once a day. Carers and families should always observe the symptoms of depression in the elderly. When symptoms become so severe that it affects eating, sleeping, thinking or remembering Or daily use Should hurry to consult a doctor

9. The house is friendly to the elderly.
Preparing a home for the elderly is something that should not be overlooked. The interior of the house should not have different floors to prevent falling. Bathroom floor is not slippery. And should separate wet and dry parts Install handrails in the bathroom and in areas that the elderly often use In addition, should also ensure sufficient light. The plugs and switches should be easily accessible to the elderly. Especially in the bedroom

10. Warmth,
encouragement and love in the family are very important to the elderly. If staying in the same house, there should be activities together. Does not allow the elderly to live like an “old man” alone Look for opportunities to regularly take offspring to visit the elderly. Take you to activities that many people Ages can do together Importantly, should pay attention to “listen” to you with honor Because he still wants to feel accepted And feel that they are still valuable in the eyes of family members