5 ways to prevent eye strain

David B. Grenet, an ophthalmologist at the Sheeley Eye Institute, USA, recommends prevention. Eye strain
and today thetaradev.com Have gathered to tell friends

1. Use digits 20-20-20

When your friends use their eyes or stare at the screen for 20 minutes, then take their eyes away from the screen. Then look directly at something that is 20 feet away
for 20 seconds, or you can rest your eyes every 1 hour instead. David also suggested that If using a wireless keyboard and using a computer With a large screen will help your eyes stay farther away from the screen and reduce the chance of eye strain.

2. Use a notebook stand

When playing friends notebook Had to bend his neck down So the eyes are at the same level as the screen Which adversely affects the eyes And causing back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. David then recommends buying a laptop stand. Because it will make the notebook at eye level Without having to bend down And don’t have to poke your face closer to the screen

3. Set screen lighting to fit

The light from the screen is an important factor that causes eye strain. But to set the screen light to brighter or darker Depends on the light
Of the office too As is known as blue light From the screen harming the eyes health, friends may therefore wear blue light glasses while working. Or with a blue light filter film On the screen as well. David also added that When using the computer or TV, mouse, keyboard, remote, or game controller, it should be close at hand. But the screen should be far away From the sample at least 3 feet and should sit in the center of the screen So that the eye level fits the screen

4. Blink often Or use artificial tears

With additional suggestions From the Mayo Clinic, USA, saying that artificial tear drops During the day to prevent dry eyes But should not drop more than 4 times a day. In addition, people who stare at the screen for a long time Will have less blink rate than usual Therefore should look away from the screen Then blink rapidly To make the eyes not dry Or irritation as well

5. Not working in bad weather

The weather is bad here. I don’t mean hot or cold. But it means the air is too dry or full of pollution, such as dust and cigarette smoke. If your friends have to work in places like this Recommend to change to a new office Bought a air conditioner or humidifier Because these air Causing the eyes to become more sensitive until irritation, dry eyes, eye pain and eye pain

And here are 5 ways to prevent eye strain. Anyone who has to stare at the screen all day can try to use it. But David also concluded that the best way to protect eyes Is going to do activities outside Go out to meet friends and spend some time with other things, not just on the screen

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