Sunday, April 11, 2021

7 creative ideas on Facebook to tie the hearts of customers.

Facebook, the most popular channel that still ranks number one in the number of users that has the most in Thailand !!

What is Facebook Ads?

If there is internet nowadays No one would not know facebook. Popular online community of foreign descent, but very popular in Thailand. From the beginning, just reveal yourself online. Later, there was the expansion using facebook as a channel for doing small business. Selling products online Because apart from being a large community, the store can be opened for free. But when it’s free, everyone can easily access it. People buy Facebook sellers, so it becomes a marketplace for a large number of sellers. When the seller is a lot Same group of customers How can your store reach the target group before anyone else? And how to reach more customers That is the origin of Facebook ads.

The word ads is an acronym of advertise, which means advertising. The meaning of Facebook ads is advertising (in society) of Facebook, that is to advertise on Facebook media.

Facebook ads will have many forms of Advertising Objectives covering from Advertising to the website, promoting the post, promoting the page, increasing the number of app installs Increase the number of participants in the event. Increase the number of people eligible for the offer. And increasing video views For general stores Going on Facebook often relies on selling products by opening a fan page as the main advertising store. Therefore stay on page promotion and post promotion

7 elements of creative advertising on Facebook to tie the hearts of customers.

1. Focus point The
picture has a focus point, which allows people to observe what the brand wants to convey.

2. Brand links for
advertisements on News Feed will give better results. Because people see the link and click more easily

3. Brand personality
Ads must be as consistent as what people think of the brand.

4. Complete information
Interesting and inviting enough to click in Especially the very important subject Attracts an audience with great interest

5. Put the emotions in
Especially the humor and emotions that reflect the brand well Helps ads be more effective

6. Easily noticed.
Think about what makes people stop their thumb on mobile phones. And look at our ads The more video ads, the more effective

7. Call for action,
such as adding a “Shop Now” button. Just as our ads are more likely to call viewers to click to see more advertisements. And many buttons such as Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More, Contact Us. (Contact us), Apply Now (Apply Now), and Donate Now (Donate Now).