7 foods that will make your face old !!!

Food that everyone eats comfortably May result in the face looking older than the age Including deteriorating health before time as well Let’s see that Does the old face food have any friend’s favorites?

1. Coffee (especially latte) The
sugar in coffee that you drink every day
Is an important factor that destroys proteins, collagen
and elastin, which are important substances related to youthfulness and skin

Although sugar is broken down by the digestive system
But in a cup of coffee is very high in sugar
Therefore causing free radicals that have negative effects on the skin to work better
Resulting in premature wrinkles and wrinkles

When eating coffee, order a little sweet.
Or not sweet at all, will be very good

2. Raw cooked
meat, high protein and fat meat
Is a source of various dangerous substances
That causes free radicals to affect the body more quickly

Especially beef that has proteins
and causes AGEs (substances caused by excess
Of protein and sugar levels in the body
This substance binds to which part of the body
Will cause that part to deteriorate)

But if you cook, bake, or boil,
it will reduce the chance of AGEs in meat.

3. Broth, sauces and salad dressing
Even if it doesn’t have a sweet taste
But it has a small amount of sugar
With the amount of sugar in one bottle of sauce
There may be more than in chocolate.

If eating these foods often
The skin will deteriorate quickly and cause wrinkles more quickly
as the blood sugar levels are too high.
Will affect the collagen and elastin itself

4. Snacks,
crackers, French fries, and cookies
often contain butter, vegetable oil, or cheese,
and then cooked through dry heat.
Which is a process that makes AGEs happen

In addition, these snacks also contain high trans fat,
high cholesterol, and high cholesterol. And very high salt
Which affects the skin on the face
And causing the risk of coronary heart disease too

5. Alcohol
has many researches.
Which suggests that alcohol does not just harm the liver
But also hurt our subcutaneous tissue

When the body starts to consume alcohol
Free radicals will increase.
Makes the skin weaker and more sensitive to the sun
Your skin is therefore easily exposed to sunlight.
And wrinkles appear easily following

6. Butter
. Saturated fat in the butter is famous for wrinkles.
In a study of 716 Japanese women,
one group eat green and yellow vegetables.
Another group to eat foods that are saturated fat
The results show that women in the second group have more wrinkles,
more clearly than those who eat vegetables.
In addition, if we measure the chance of AGEs per gram, then
butter is the food that causes the most AGEs.

Trans fats are found in meats, milk
and some vegetable oils.
And when frying these trans fats increases the disadvantage
Because it will result in chronic disease
As well as destroying antioxidants
And may cause damage to the DNA layer
or in the structure of the skin layer such as collagen

There are also animal experiments.
Which shows that trans fat hurts the skin
Makes the skin sensitive to UV rays
And wrinkles will follow clearly too

If you do not want to look old and deteriorate health
Should eat different foods The right amount
And try to avoid the food that I said

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