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9 kinds of herbal detox tea from Baan Yai Chan herbs

9 kinds of herbal detox tea from Baan Yai Chan herbs

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1. Senna, Senna has laxative properties. Current research indicates that Senna has the effect of “laxative” with Sennoside A and Sennoside B that stimulate intestinal peristalsis. From the results of the experiment with the volunteers, eating senna and taking a large intestine imaging with MRI, the colon has increased movement. Eating senna can result in increased excretion since the first time taken like a laxative.

2. Jujube contains important minerals such as potassium. Helps to lower blood pressure Helps to maintain a good balance of blood pressure. With phosphorus and iron Helps to circulate the blood system. Prevent the occurrence of anemia Muscle weakness  Relieving dizziness And contains calcium which helps to maintain the balance of bone density Reduce joint inflammation Can reduce swelling

3. Fang Dang helps nourish blood, cure lung disease, cure heat in thirst, cure diarrhea, solve dysentery, treat menstrual irregularities, help reduce fever, cure asthma as a strong menstrual drug. Solve anal bleeding, cough, expectorant, cure tuberculosis and cure nosebleeds.

4. Pandan helps nourish the brain, nerve, refresh, relieve fatigue, nourish the heart,  reduce blood pressure  Skin treatment Joint pain relief Helps to treat dandruff. Dye black hair and nourish the skin.

5. Bael Bael  Bael contains various important substances that give value in maintaining and maintaining health. In Bael fruit, a substance that has the characteristic of mucus, tetin, tannins,  essential oils. And bitter substances In the quince root found substances steroid Dal-Algoid and Kumrin, these substances are beneficial to the body. Helps to resist the growth of bacteria Helps against viruses Malaria helps kill parasites, inhibits intestinal contractions. Helps relax smooth muscles, resist histamine, reduce and inhibit blood sugar levels. Stimulate insulin to increase the amount of fat, reduce inflammation and help treat stomach ulcers.

6. Pineapple has medicinal properties Helps to relieve constipation. For those who don’t Helps to relieve cough Has a diuretic effect Reduce the cause of cystitis, reduce edema, the solution for girls Who like to think that the belly is bloated 

7. Safflower reduces blood fat Prevents clogging of blood vessels, nourishes the nerves and seduces the nerves. Helps relax the brain to sleep well Prevention of high blood pressure Increase the efficiency of blood circulation in the body, nourish the blood, dissolve blood clots, nourish the heart, help the blood to nourish the heart more Treatment of fever after mother’s birth

8. Stevia helps to increase strength. Helps the blood to nourish the brain more Help in the treatment of diabetes. Reducing blood sugar levels in the blood vessels Suitable for people who want to control blood sugar levels. Helps to reduce high blood cholesterol. Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. High blood pressure and obesity help nourish the liver.

9. Roselle, an antioxidant in both the phenolic group Flavonoid substances And substances in the anthocyanin group Which from the academic data shows that Such phytochemicals have antioxidant, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the vitamin C in okra helps to strengthen the immune system.

– they’re just taking herbs to lose 2-3 liters of boiling water
– wait 20 minutes to boil drinking water for both heating and cooling.

How to drink
– 1 glass per day before bed. Easy to drink, sweet, delicious. Wake up early, the stomach is clear and comfortable

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