Sunday, April 11, 2021

Accepting applications for “DUSIT THANI HYBRID MBA” at Dusit Thani College

Dusit Thani College One of the leading private educational institutions in hotel and cooking in Thailand has been certified for both national and international quality standards. Which has the founding foundation and is a part of the Dusit Thani Group. 5-star leading hotel group in Thailand Accepting applications for admission to graduate studies at the “Dusit Thani Hybrid MBA” master degree program in Hospitality Business Management and Innovative Entrepreneurship. Courses that focus on developing students to the next level of success. Learn and practice skills in applying theoretical knowledge that is accepted internationally With case studies and experiences from real expert teachers from the business sector Helps to learn both the success factors and the tools to prevent business failure To enable students to become leaders in the hospitality industry And the true superiority in the profession strategically

For those interested in furthering a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, MBA – in the Hospitality Management and Innovative Entrepreneurship classes, “Dusit Thani Hybrid MBA” at Dusit Thani College gives students the opportunity to learn all the sciences. Manage your business with experts and real people in the global service industry. To build greater success in the profession, Dusit Thani College – MBA is ready to provide an excellent international management foundation with a Master of Business Administration Program. In the category of service business management And the group of innovative entrepreneurs For students to have complete skills Both in analytical thinking Research Creative With presentation skills And communication negotiation In order to become management and entrepreneurs

National level with 4 strengths of the course

• Easy to learn, 1 day a week on Saturday.
• Fast, can finish in 1 and a half years, or just 1 year if joining the DTC Fast Track 4 + 1.
• Intensive teaching by highly qualified and professional teachers in Hospitality Business Management and Really Innovative Entrepreneur
• Modernized with hybrid teaching. Combining “classroom learning” and “learning through modern technology” allows students to interact with teachers to create the most efficient learning process.

Those interested in further learning Or continue to study in the Master of Business Administration MBA Program – in Hospitality Business Management and Innovative Entrepreneur “Dusit Thani Hybrid MBA”. Graduate schools open houses to welcome those interested in Listen to a lecture from a famous guest speaker. Attend lectures for general people or students who are about to graduate. Or have completed a bachelor’s degree Which is scheduled to open the house next time on Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 09.00-12.00 hrs. At the same time also opens the opportunity to welcome those interested in trial (Trial Class) with current students before making a decision to apply.

Contact for more information Please contact the recruitment department, tel. 02 721 8471 – 2, email, ID Line: DTCMBA and Or at the website