Anti-cancer, reduce diabetes, eat Moroheiya vegetables

Moroheiya, ultra high nutritional vegetable Seized the position of King of Vitamins

Moroheiya, vegetables for health, ultra high nutrition Until being called King of vitamins

Moroheya, the king of vitamins Seeing this name for the first time, probably dizzy for a while Is this a vegetable name? But let me tell you here that Moroheya is not just a familiar name. But if you know a little about Moroheiya’s nutritional value, you might be surprised that In this world there are vegetables packed with nutrients. To the exact extent of the king of vitamins ?!

Moroheiya , a valuable vegetable from the Egyptian side

Moroheiya is a plant that has been used for health benefits since ancient times. Known widely, especially in Egypt But Thailand has started to grow Morohya Also known as Por Moroheiya together for quite some time.

Morohya is a plant in the group of long-jute jute. Grow well in the northeast region. But can be grown in all areas throughout Thailand as well I just planted Moroheiya in loamy areas. Sticky loam Which has good drainage and good air flow

The physical characteristics of Morohya vegetables

The Moroheiya tree looks like a holy basil. The difference is that the base of the leaf is a small lobes protruding on both sides like the tail of an insect. Morohya is a pod plant. Can harvest the products from the age of about 2 months, and when the old pods will be able to use the pods Or keep the pods as seeds

Morohya, the king of vitamins

Moroheiya is called the vegetable king of vitamins. Because a study from The Association for Food and Public Health in Japan found that the nutrients in 100 grams of Morohya vegetables are rich in the following nutrients

– Potassium 920 mg

– Calcium 410 mg

– Phosphorus 98 mg

– 2.7 mg of iron

– Beta Carotene 10.83 milligrams

– Vitamin A 4,036 milligrams

– Vitamin B1 0.72 milligrams

– Vitamin B2 4.95 milligrams

– Vitamin C 62 milligrams

Moroheiya contains beta carotene. 3 times more than spinach, while having more vitamin A, B1, B2 and vitamin C than carrots, broccoli and spinach. In addition, there are nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber that are very high in water. For this reason it is known as the king of vitamins. Morohya originated in Egypt. But is very popular among Japanese consumers Because the vitamins and minerals in Moroheiya vegetables will help various systems The body works perfectly. Also helps to increase immunity and eliminate free radicals which are carcinogens In addition, Morohya’s dietary fiber helps to reduce cholesterol, reduce obesity, reduce diabetes and prevent colon cancer.

From the value and vitamins In the Moroheiya vegetables mentioned above, the Moroheiya vegetables are now being imported To produce or use as a component in many different foods such as Moroheiya and Chewywhite supplements Moroheiya powder for cooking and baking. Moroheiya Moroheiya dry noodles Morohya Cookies And Morohiya Biscuits Vitamins in Moroheiya or various vegetables Considered an important organic substance for life (Vita for life), although the body needs a small amount of vitamins. But it is necessary for the functioning of the nervous system. And various organs Inside body count From the respiration of cells, the introduction of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Used to create tissue. And produce energy for life Vitamins are therefore a small engine. But it is of great importance Which the body would lack without And besides the importance of dietary fiber mentioned above that can help to maintain health To be strong and help to excrete easily, then fiber (fiber) also has benefits to the body in other areasBenefits of consuming high-fiber foods include

1. Dietary fiber and constipation Consuming foods that are high in fiber will help reduce constipation. Because insoluble fiber helps increase weight The amount of food waste softens the food waste and helps reduce the time that food waste moves through the large intestine. As for soluble fiber, hemicellulose will absorb water in the digestive tract, soften food waste and help reduce food waste moving through large intestines.

2. Dietary fiber and large intestine cancer Consumption of foods that are high in dietary fiber Helps prevent intestinal cancer, especially dietary fiber that Insoluble, such as wheat cellulose

3. Dietary fiber and obesity Food consumption That has a lot of fiber will give less energy Foods that are low in fiber, especially sugar Has little effect on stimulating the satiety control center Because it is fast and easy to consume, it can make a lot Dietary fiber helps to lose weight because soluble fiber turns into gel. Increasing the viscosity and adhesion of substances in the stomach, making consumers feel full faster And full for a long time causing the stomach to slow down

4. Dietary fiber and chronic kidney disease Dietary fiber that is hemicellulose. Can reduce the level of urea And creatinine in the blood of chronic kidney disease patients by 11-19 percent and can increase excretion of nitrogen by excretory by 39 percent, reducing the synthesis of ammonia by 30 percent and Will reduce uremia, which is a symptom of renal failure There is waste in the blood until toxic. From that waste In patients with chronic kidney disease In addition to the diseases mentioned above Consuming vegetables that are high in fiber can also help prevent diabetes, ischemic heart disease. Helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. And helps to solve problems with digestion and absorption of lactose better

Other than vitamins Minerals and dietary fibers There are other health substances in the vegetable that give value to the body such as volatile oil, natural antibiotics, hormones, pigment (pigment), such as chlorophyll. Bioflavon-Boyd (bio-flavinoids), with chlorophyll pectin (pectin) and anthocyan (anthocyans) help protect the body from radiation and contaminants that come with the air. And can slow down aging

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