Sunday, April 11, 2021

Baan Srisuk, Muang Thong, Home Care for the elderly Elderly home

Baan Si Suk, Muang Thong Home for the elderly Rehabilitation center for the elderly or those in need of care Taking care and caring like relatives Every happy life in Srisuk

Caring and warm living system like home Professional service For the good quality of life of the elderly or self-helpers Which will result in the close and family being happy When giving his loved ones to be under the care of a team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants Medical staff Staff who have passed the course on patient and elderly care Or many people with 24 hour care experience

Providing services for both permanent and temporary recovery Daily and monthly Take care of the elderly People who have just left the hospital Those who cannot help themselves are not comfortable or cannot be alone. Patients with chronic diseases, paralysis, paralysis, physiotherapy, suction, phlegm, oxygen feeding, fecal catheterization, etc. The right is not accepted for patients with serious communicable diseases and those who do not pass the first symptom assessment in the care plan for the benefit of clients.

“Baan Srisuk, Muang Thong” is a large residence. On a seven-story building And a five-story building There are living space counted by the total of approximately 100 beds that can be rented. Divided into a shared bed in the hall Double and single beds The five-story building is used as a nursing home and staff.

The project “Baan Srisuk Muang Thong” is a residential business. That is not a hospital or nursing home By providing shelter services to lonely people Or being depressed Or cannot be left alone Or in the process of recuperation or inability to help themselves Hereinafter referred to as “customers”, as well as food preparation and feeding or medication services for “customers” that do not need to be under constant medical supervision. Which covers overnight accommodation, food service, housekeeping, clothing and accommodation. As well as cleanliness of the body Along with closely following basic health care But didn’t provide medical treatment If there is an illness, the referral service will be delivered to the nearby hospital or the hospital where the “customer” is being treated for further treatment.


Services and facilities

  • Receive health assessment In order to plan care together with a team of doctors, nurses
  • Food service, snacks, food via line According to nutrition and disease type
  • Taking care of medication according to doctor’s orders
  • Take care of the body clean and wearable clothes. Including other daily activities
  • Encourage social participation and recreation activities, singing, dancing, making music, watching movies, listening to aerobics, Dharma conversation or other activities As well as activities on important dates As appropriate and as the courtesy of each client
  • Physical therapy and stimulation equipment to promote physical health Relaxing and improving mental health
  • Rooms with air conditioners, fans, water heaters, TVs, wired speakers, emergency call buttons and necessary equipment.
  • CCTV throughout the building and in rooms Which the client’s relatives can monitor the client’s activities via the internet (if desired)
  • Pick up or coordinate delivery or be a friend, recipients to go to the hospital as right or as the relatives request

Do not forget to find a home care (Home care) elderly care center. Elderly care center Elderly rehabilitation center nursing home nursing home Patient’s home Sanatorium Nursing home Chronically ill hospital Patient care center Ward Elderly care center Elderly care center Sanatorium for the elderly Sanatorium for the elderly Patient care center Patient care center Chronic care center Amphrit Patient Care Center Disabled care center Paralysis Patient Care Center In the form of a standard accommodation like a hospital But service with heart Paying attention to close relatives, loved ones, service fee, reasonable price (promotions and amenities may be adjusted as appropriate)

Contact and inquire by telephone number 089-8958845,085-4857676 and 02-1981188