Book a booth at the event !!! Smart SME EXPO 2020 showcases the best franchise business. New Normal 29 Oct-1 Nov-63

Prepare to meet with the franchise franchise business of the year “Smart SME EXPO 2020” New Normal Together. The only way to meet rich by PMG Corporation Co., Ltd. together with partner agencies. Both government and private Including many financial institutions Which select many franchise business booths, congested in accordance with the new normal way of life Highlight the outstanding franchise business zones in the event that will allow you to see more opportunities, whether the new business model zone The new dimension in the financial world The new magic zone in business, beauty and health. Functional Zone for Sustainable Business Future food business zone And alternative business zones of the new generation That is fully deployed with a special promotion campaign to end the year only at this event Special with business matching negotiation activities. Investment should be B2B2C ready for your business to be a true match. Real business expansion With retail chains and large product manufacturers And foreign investorsWith low interest loans that parade for you to shop from many banks and financial institutions Fully equipped with exclusive educational seminar activities By a national expert guru And free career training Full of colorful activities in many events, do not miss! 29 Oct-1 Nov 63 Hall 9-10 Impact Muang Thong Thani

Those interested in attending the event are free of charge. Only need to register in advance !! Click the registration link.  For entrepreneurs that have solutions for SMEs Want to participate in the booth at Smart SME EXPO 2020. Contact at 08-6314-1482, 08-6344-5358, 09-4915-4624


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