Sunday, April 11, 2021

Do not want to be old, must act, do not give to old

Do not want to be old, must act, do not give to old … as follows

1 not fat, not thin
2, do not wither, drink clean water, apply an umbrella cream
3, do not curling, do not rub hair, do not spray
4, do not make bold color Do not draw the black eye. Do not wear fake eyelashes People old enough to make up a lot. Then I would like to horses (if thin) would like to pig (if overweight)
5. Do not cajole the lips are puckered
6. Do not obsessed about the past
7 Do not put fashioned. Dare to try wearing new clothes That is not familiar
8 is not afraid of technology
9 always makes teeth beautiful Healthy teeth must be good
10 hands, feet, manicure, pedicure must be beautiful, clean The skin is as good as the face.
11 Do not wear a gold necklace. Even bigger if hanging his monk with
12 sitting, walking straight Be confident in yourself.
13 Do light exercise everyday.
14 Don’t forget to take a deep breath. Exhaling for a long breath Causing the heart to beat slowly
15 Always a lollipop, even if nobody looks The groove in the corner of the mouth does not face down on either side. If it is, then very difficult to solve.
16 Have love.
17 Have hope, have dreams and have imagination.
18 Read the news, follow the modern news.
19 Do not call other people, pedophile uncle or human aunt.
20 Do not repeat the conversation.
21 Know still and listen to people.
22 Other times when there is nothing to do, do not be distracted to sleep because waking up will be refreshing. Beautiful face, beautiful skin, good mood
23, do not mess with the villagers Do not gossip about evil.
24 Stay with the present. Think about the future. Forget the past.
25 Fall in love with your wife or husband often. Flirt with each other every day
26 Use your money for yourself
27 Take good care of yourself Do not insult yourself that being old is not important.
28 Night out Very beautiful dress At least once a week Choose to watch movies, listen to music in the evening for atmosphere and beautiful dress. Diners and drink lightly Before or after the movie or concert. Stop.
29. Have some sense of humor.
30 Saying a bit.
31 Laughing a lot. Laughing loudly.
32 Learning to refuse not to do not go. Without reason You don’t have to be considerate of anyone.
33 Stay with someone and feel stressed a lot. Heart beats vigorously. Ask to distance and stop being around that person again.
34 Do not socialize yourself uncomfortable. Even if that society is good or has a good reputation.
35 Choose to have a few close friends better.
36 Stop thinking that others will understand us. Who doesn’t understand. Let go. Because we are busy, do not have time, and we do not want to be old.
37 To learn and practice new skills.
38 I want to be a fortune teller. Go to study. Watch the doctor. Want to dance. Go to dance school. Want to shoot a gun to learn how to shoot a gun
38, abandon fortune, praise praise
40, act like Phra That Chae Haeng Surrounded by water (Lai) but not wet, surrounded by lust and evil, but not sinful and evil, according to him.
41 Being happy and not interested in anyone
42 Do not waste time reading anything as long as 42 points if really bad

Article by Prof. Dr. Teerawat Hemachutha
(MD, Internal Medicine, Chulalongkorn Hospital)