Dr.TATTOF CLINIC Change the beautiful body ‘Mariam B5’ with the project “Take out (it) away”

Dr.TATTOF CLINIC transforms the beautiful body ‘Mariam B5’ with the project “Take (it) away” with the new innovation Fat Removal by SculpSure.

Excess fat Is a troubling problem, many plump girls Fat dissolving through surgical procedures seems to be too scary. But the development of technology today Resulting in an innovation that helps to eliminate excess fat without needing to hurt Take no time with Fat Removal by SculpSure, the world’s first laser-fat breakdown, the US and THAI FDA standard.

Mariam Gray Al Kalali, also known as “Mariam B5”, is a beautiful singer with a powerful voice. One of the B5 members is considered one of the people who suffer from excess fat in the upper part of the body. Want to reduce fat in the arms and abdomen to be smaller. But afraid of liposuction and surgery Tried to lose weight But when the weight freezes, the shape doesn’t lose at all Mariam was disheartened. Until Mariam came across the innovative SculpSure that Dr.TATTOF CLINIC felt very interesting. So decided to join the project Changing Body Mission [Take “It” Off The Reality] And before joining this project, Mariam is not confident about his body shape. The dress will not dare to wear sleeveless Or dresses that are put on stage Would be anxious and try to conceal there right here Causing expression on the stage that was not fully performed

“The change after joining the project And made for about 4 months, the proportion of the abdomen reduced to about 9 cm. High-waisted pants that I like to wear, then tight until slim It now turns out to be loose, comfortable to wear. And the upper arm which is considered the most difficult point to reduce to 4-5 cm. Mariam, thanks to the project And the great innovation of Dr.TATTOF Clinic that makes Mariam feel confident again. And recommend if anyone wants to take care of themselves, come to try it, it is a really good starting point. The important thing is, after using the service with SculpSure only 25 minutes, the process of doing is easy, not hurt, finished can go out to normal life Can continue, “Mariam B5 said.

FAT Removal by Sculpsure is a breakdown of fat without surgery. No need to recuperate Able to get rid of cells since the first treatment It takes only 25 minutes to dissolve up to 24% fat cells, with the laser releasing energy so that the temperature under the skin is between 42-47 degrees Celsius, without the top skin being destroyed. Due to the integration of Cooling Contact technology to help keep the skin comfortable during the procedure. The fat cells that are broken down gradually. Driven away according to the body’s normal excretory processes The change will begin to see within 6 weeks. The device is designed to be suitable for people who have fat accumulated on the abdomen, hips, legs, arms, under the chin and can do all areas. Even in hard-to-reach areas such as fat deposits under the chin etc.

Dr. Tattoo of Clinic, a leader in tattoo removal, scar, stretch marks, and sagging belly fat. And permanent hair removal With innovative medical tools and equipment Guaranteed quality and safety, certified by the FDA in both the United States and Thailand. Inviting girls or people with excess fat to participate in the project. Changing Body Mission [Take “It” Off The Reality] Ready to return your beauty and confidence again. You can consult the doctor directly at the Dr.TATTOF clinic, which has 6 branches, which are Silom Complex, Central Plaza Ladprao, Central Marina, Pattaya Eight, Thonglor, Future Park Rangsit and Central Plaza Pinklao. Or for more information, please call: 099-6142424 Line: @ dr.tattof Facebook: Dr.TATTOF or website www.drtattof.com


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