Fatty liver mask that is damaging to health

Fatty liver is one of the most common diseases. Causes due to eating habits such as drinking alcohol. As a result, the liver does not work as efficiently as a source of fatty liver. Including important risk factors for obesity, especially obesity Diabetic patients have more chances of developing liver disease from fatty liver. Including eating oily foods, sugary foods, or excessive carbohydrates These foods will turn into triglycerides in the liver. When the body is not able to use it all, it will build up in the liver. Ignoring health care can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer in the end.

This disease can be found at any age. But is more common in the age of 40-50 years, the metabolic system began to decrease efficiency And it is a silent danger that patients often do not realize that their liver is abnormal. Because most do not show symptoms Which the examination of the digestive system and liver It is a way to help check the liver before it is destroyed and become a disease that can not be treated immediately. Especially those who are at risk, such as those with a family history of liver cancer People with obesity who are overweight, BMI than the standard of diabetes. People who drink alcohol for a long time Patients in the hepatitis risk group Including those who take medicine or herbs for a long time

Thonburi Hospital # concerned about organizing the We Love Liver promotion, FibroScan, which is a modern, specialized tool used to check for liver fibrosis. Without having to puncture the liver No pain to the body, both during the examination and after the examination is accurate and the results immediately. For the first customer, the price is 2,200 baht. The second one is only 1,800 baht. From now – July 2020. Early check-up first makes treatment more timely and effective.

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