Sunday, April 11, 2021

Frequent breakfast What will happen?

Friends probably have heard that Breakfast is the most important meal, right? But there are still many things you don’t know about breakfast Today I will take friends To see how important breakfast is And what will happen if my friends Regular breakfast In addition to breakfast is the body’s main energy. Let’s see what other benefits of breakfast.

✅Breakfast helps to control weight.

People who eat breakfast consistently Are more likely to be fat than people Eat breakfast regularly.

Why can breakfast control weight …

1. Eating breakfast makes the blood glucose level stable.
Which helps control hunger

2. Breakfast makes you full before your body.
You get really hungry late,
so you don’t eat too much during the day.

✅Breakfast is the energy source of the brain.

If not eating breakfast You may feel sluggish. And can focus less on the work in front That is because the brain does not receive the necessary energy such as glucose.

With the findings showing that

  • Fasting breakfast Will affect the brain and mind
  • Resulting in being distracted and distracted, resulting in losing work

✅Breakfast reduces the chance of illness.

There is evidence to confirm that people who eat breakfast regularly There is a risk of diabetes and obesity. People who frequent breakfast often have a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease.

✅Breakfast makes eating more healthy food.

Compared to those who regularly eat breakfast People who starve for breakfast tend to eat snacks. Or fussy things during the day very often Which this fastidious eating doesn’t just result in one day But may have long-term effects causing you to eat often Until becoming obese or a disease that comes from useless desserts

After knowing the benefits of breakfast This time, let’s see what will happen to you if you regularly fast for breakfast.

  • Bad breath because morning rice will stimulate the production of saliva that helps eliminate bacteria in the mouth.
  • Upset because nothing falls to the stomach since night when you starve for breakfast The body became even more hungry. When hungry, anger and blood sugar levels in relation to feelings and emotions also fluctuate, resulting in irritability throughout the day.
  • Risk of diabetes When you skip breakfast, your body will become insulin resistant, which increases your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Resulting in stupidity or Alzheimer’s Because you have not received more than 10 nutrients Hours in time to sleep When you starve for breakfast again, your sugar level in your body goes down. And not raising enough brain, resulting in long-term You may have problems with memory.

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