Sunday, May 16, 2021

GRAND UNITY marks 2021 “Year of Optimization,” forging ahead with Sustainable Living Standard Excellence

GRAND UNITY has marked 2021 as the “year of optimization” to bolster every dimension of its operations and unveiled the mission “cultivate elements of optimal living standards through a deep understanding of comprehensive living needs.” – Makes Sense.
 GRAND UNITY is moving ahead with the 3 Excellences strategy—namely, People Excellence, Product Excellence, Service Excellence—which will help drive business sustainable growth and sustainable living standard excellence
 It has kicked off the People Excellence strategy by appointing Taddao Chirasawadi as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Strategy.
 GRAND UNITY’s plan for 2021 is aligned with the sentiment of the real estate market. It will push for 3.4 billion baht in ready-to-move-in sales and a backlog of 3.2 billion baht to be realized through property conveyance throughout 2021 and 2022. GRAND UNITY also has 12.5-billion baht worth of projects along MRT and BTS routes to be greenlit as soon as the timing is right.

Mr. Worawat Srisa-an, Chairman of Executive Board, Grand Unity Development Co., Ltd. or GRAND UNITY, a real estate development company focusing on developing condominiums, an affiliated company of Univentures Public Company Limited (UV), revealed that “Despites the challenges 2020 had in store for businesses, especially those in the real estate market, thanks to the robust financial status of our business conglomerate, Grand Unity were able to keep our business plan moving. We procured potential plots of land and amped up our people development efforts. By combining strategic moves, we were able to meet the needs of condominium buyers despite restrictive circumstances that required more stringent discretion than ever before. As a result, we succeeded in growing the number of units sold by 29% compared to 2019 and completing the sales of U Delight Rattanathibet and CIELA Sripatum (a Blue Series brand). These two properties have an aggregate value of 4.853 billion baht. We even finished the construction of CIELA Charan 13 Station, now ready for real demand in the location. Our ability to generate sales is a testament to the fact that a quality condominium by a reputable developer sold at a reasonable price will still be in demand, even in a highly competitive market.”
Since we have proven our financial stability and the effectiveness of our risk management throughout 2020, we will focus on sustainably driving our organization towards success in 2021. This effort will require active participation from management and staff alike. To this end, we’ve marked 2021 as the “year of optimization.” We will bolster every aspect of our company through the utmost attention to detail. Our products, services, and people will be able to handle business challenges and changing consumer behavior in the Digital Era, especially after the emergence of the “new normal” trend. We will continue our mission to persistently define living excellence by “cultivating elements of optimal living standards through a deep understanding of comprehensive living needs” that ensure our corporate essence “Makes Sense.” We are further emphasizing the importance of residential condominiums. Our plan for 2021 is aligned with the sentiment of the real estate market. We will push for 3.4 billion baht in ready-to-move-in sales and a backlog of 3.2 billion baht to be realized through property conveyance throughout 2021 and 2022. We also have 12.5-billion-baht worth of projects along MRT and BTS routes to be greenlit as soon as the timing is right.
GRAND UNITY has laid down three excellence strategies in response to its Sustainable Living Standard Excellence vision.
1. Product Excellence: To provide the optimal living standard, Grand Unity will continue to develop residential projects with the utmost attention to detail. Having joined forces with Stonehenge Inter Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading project management and construction management firm, we will make sure that the construction of every project meets international standards. We aim to create a new benchmark for construction quality by employing innovations and technologies, as well as construction materials of superb quality that cater to prospective residents’ actual needs. For instance, we will always use Safety Glass in every unit and throughout every property. Our Private Balcony designs will always provide greater privacy and functionality. Our locations will always offer high potential for growth and access to a convenient mode of transportation, especially the MRT or BTS train systems.
“We are truly committed to developing condominiums that will deliver the highest living standard for their residents. For example, we have launched ANIL Sathorn 12 under the concept of “Luxury Redefined.” This new high-rise development is located right next to—literally 0 m from—the Saint Louis BTS station. It is Thailand’s very first Gold Level WELL pre-certified multifamily residential project. This pre-certification, which is part of the WELL Building Standard by U.S.-based International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), has only been granted to world-class residences that are able to elevate the quality of living for their occupants by incorporating the seven wellness elements into their construction,” Mr. Srisa-an added.

2. Service Excellence: We will make buyers our top priority, meeting their wishes and demands both before and after sales. To up our service game, a sales consultant will be available to provide additional information, answer questions, and attend to our prospective buyers whether they are visiting us onsite or online via a live virtual tour of our property. We have also redesigned GRAND UNITY mobile application to improve our user experience and interface based on our research of consumer behavior in the Digital Era. The improvements we have made are focused on facilitating residential processes and offering a better customer service experience.
Furthermore, we will welcome customers into the Grand Unity Family with a comprehensive range of exclusive perquisites and services. Handpicked for the co-owners of our high-rise properties, these offerings aim to improve their standard of living across the board. For instance, co-owners can redeem Grand Unity Family Privileges at our associated companies and business partners, participate in a wide variety of workshops, and reap the benefits of our Members-Get-Member program. Meanwhile, Grand Unity Family Services will significantly elevate our residents’ quality of living. For example, the Home Friendly service makes requesting basic maintenance within the warranty period a breeze. Our Resale & Rental Services team helps our co-owners resell or rent out their GRAND UNITY properties to maximize their investment opportunities. Additionally, we have partnered with Senses Property Management Co., Ltd. This UV Group property management specialist will be running our condominiums and their common facilities. Its standardized professional service has been designed for the utmost benefit of all co-owners.

3. People Excellence: Because we believe that talented people are the foundation for sustainable corporate growth, we will be providing on-demand training tailored to each line of work. This method will cultivate design thinking and creativity, maintain professional standards, and groom talents for their respective career growth within their line of work and within our organization.
Mr. Srisa-an continued that this year GRAND UNITY has augmented its strength and ability to achieve goals by adding seasoned career executives. Taddao Chirasawadi has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Strategy; Pattawin Wongsathien has been named Senior Vice President of Sales; and Pipat Niyathirakul as Senior Vice President of Product Development. These appointments are part of GRAND UNITY’s strategy for people excellence. This organization restructuring will enhance our business capabilities and play an essential role in advancing our strong and efficient operations.

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