Hairy basil - Morning glory can help to stop carrying feces anywhere !!

“Fecal residue” due to
1. Chewing food in detail
2. .. Eat foods that have less fiber
3. Parasites or fungi cause digestive system disorders
4. Absorption system Because the vegetable oil is processed to coat Causing drinking water to not circulate.
5. Not defecating at 05.00-07.00 in the morning.

If defecation after 7 o’clock in the morning, the bowel will force the stool to go up. When shooting, not all but not aware that the end of the intestines will have nerve endings. When there are enough stools Come to point at the end of the anus The nerves will send a signal telling the brain to want to take a stomach after 7 o’clock in the morning.

The bowel will not function normally. Squeezing the stool out of range When shooting, I felt that I was exhausted, but the truth is, the bottom of the procession is not out But it was pushed back up Not pointed at the end of the anus Makes us not ache We thought that it was finished. This stool Will stick to the intestinal wall, enough to have a new liquid stool It was out ahead. But it cannot push the hard ones out Those who freeze Tightly attached to the intestinal wall Become slag in the intestines

Therefore, every day taken, only shoot crap that is liquid The remainder remained on the island indefinitely. Being absorbed by the intestines until they become dry, firm, firm, and not loose These residual stools will cover the various blood vessels in the stomach and press over the back bones. Causing many symptoms such as bloating, back pain, leg pain, muscle pain in the shoulder and shoulder blades, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, melasma, migraine, and others.


Removing fecal residue is therefore necessary to find the reason in 5 behavioral modifiers. Detoxification, gardening, colon cleansing using natural methods, eating enzymes or herbs to cleanse mucus. To help remove all intestinal slags

And should eat the following recipe regularly

1. 2 tablespoons of basil seed, 1 cup of water, leave for 30 minutes before drinking. The
basil seed will draw residual feces to eat every day or 3-4 days per week, depending on convenience.

2. Eat 2 handful morning glory, stir fry or boil, cook as you like everyday. Morning glory will help drag the residue out.

The benefits of the basil
“Basil” is a vegetable garden. That looks similar to basil and basil Is a well known vegetable Because it can be used as a component in a variety of foods, such as putting leaves in curry or eaten fresh with rice noodle jars, etc.

The benefits of basil leaves are: help to sweat in the intestines, solve dizziness, cure flatulence. Or bring the basil leaves to boil with water Regular drinking will help treat intestinal diseases or Digestive disease as well And the basil leaves also provide beta carotene and calcium Which is a substance that is beneficial to the body as well

The basil seeds have properties that are often used to make food for those who want to lose weight. Because the basil seeds do not create energy And also has laxative properties for easier excretion While also helping to reduce fat in the blood vessels And reduces the risk of heart disease as well.

* Caution must wait for the seeds to be fully inflated before eating, otherwise Instead of helping vent Will instead cause constipation instead