Sunday, April 11, 2021

Kai Kite, Gate of Chiang Rak Thammasat

#Kai Kai, Chiang Rak Thom Gate
# Cool shop in the legend of Thammasat children

Right now, delivery is delivered. And entered the city
From legend to generation. Of Aunt’s delicious grilled chicken The marinade is delicious, tender texture. Anyone who has to eat must be fascinated. And the secret recipe sauce of Uncle And the mysterious story of the name of Kai Kite That cannot be revealed here Apart from grilled chicken, there are grilled pork, offal etc.

⏰And the grilled chicken that will be sold from 4 and 7 o’clock in the morning is out of stock Which, if not true, will not catch up,
but now all problems will be gone Because there is a new generation who is enthusiastic Come and inherit delicious taste !!!! And delivered to the house to eat together😍

👉Order through Line: @gaiiwow

👉Open for booking first Because the chicken is limited But will start shipping the first day, date 15/05/2013

💰Price per wood: 10 baht (larger, more satisfying).
Buy 10 pieces of wood, free 2 packages of sticky rice.
Income of 1 baht per 1 wood will be donated to the foundation.
And delivery, delivery will be an income for all the employees, called full stomach, helping both people and really receiving merit.

💻Page: Chicken Kite – Gaiiwow

Shipping point will start from Ekamai

Note: Some names are distorted from Wow Chicken. As for the dark legends I would not like to mention it here. Very secret.



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