Sunday, April 11, 2021

Lie on the wall for 3 minutes a day. This pose is very useful.

Understand that many people are wondering if the exercise postures that raise the legs up the wall can help fit the body part, especially for women who want to reduce thighs. Probably starting to think that if the legs are placed over the wall Should have some good results for us Which, if knowing the benefits of yoga, lifting your legs up the wall Guaranteed that after reading it, you should immediately want to try to lift your leg over the wall!

This pose is very useful. Lie on the wall for 3 minutes a day.

1. Tighten legs, reduce edema, smaller legs
2. Relieve stress, relieve headache
3. Relax muscles
4. Relax nerves
5. Practice every day, breathe in and out, calm mind
6. Easier sleep
7. Blood to feed Improved brain Do it before sleeping well.

CR. Knowledge of diabetes mellitus