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Luteines (Lutein), eye care supplements Prevent macular degeneration

Eye problems occur with everyone. But not everyone To see the importance of the eyes During this time, many of you are working from horm. Take a look and relax. Fighting everyone

– Eyes tired from the screen
– Eyes tired
– Dry
eyes – Blurred
eyes – Eyes not bright

If there is only 1 risk problem
– work on the computer screen, online, mobile continuously for more than 3 hours / day
– outdoors
– have diabetes
– older than 40 years
– eat less fruits and vegetables, 4 matches / day

“LUTEINES” eye candy that office people shouldn’t miss.
Luteines are suitable for
– people with retinal problems
– people with eye fatigue due to activities such as using computers. Mobile phones, tablets, long – time reading
– those who drive for long periods of time


Because Luteines
– helps the retina from damage
– helps maintain healthy eyes Helps to nourish the eyes Improve visibility in the dark.
– Prevent clogging of the blood vessels in the eyes.
– Helps to reduce dry eyes.
– Helps to reduce eye fatigue from heavy eye use. Or for a long time

Luteines 1 Box
– Black Current relieve fatigue
– Linseed Oil to reduce dry eye symptoms
– Maqui Berry moisturizing eye
– Mixed Berry slow the deterioration of the eye
– Lutein & Zeaxantein administrator eye.

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The benefits of lutein and siacanthin
1. Preventing the degenerative or retinal disease (AMD disease)
2. Prevent and reduce the risk of cataracts
3. Prevent the occurrence of “short-sighted” conditions from muscle contraction
4. Solve the problem of dry conjunctivitis and cornea. Or abnormally thick due to lack of vitamin A.
5. Solve the problem of jelly in the eyes.
6. Protect the eyes from blue light That is harmful to the retina
7. Strengthens the blood vessels and cells in the eye.
8. Resists free radicals that damage eye cells
9. Reduce the distribution of light To improve visibility
10, increasing day and night vision performance
11, slowing the degeneration of the eye

In 1 day, the eye needs 10 mg of lutein. 2 mg of lisandene which contains all the nutrients your eyes need.

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