[Give away recipes] Mee Pad Mimai, Crispy Pork

Mee Pad Mimai, Crispy Pork is a favorite menu at home, so to be honest, I can eat all day in the morning. In the evening, warm and delicious. The point is, right around the house, Add Phak has been picked and brought some benefits to the body.

Vegetables alone can’t increase the appetite for glands. They have to add crispy pork !!

Raw material
– Crispy pork
– Mimosa
– White rice
– Sugar
– Paprika
– Fish sauce
– Green cap sauce
– Oyster sauce


How to make stir fried noodles with crispy pork.
1. Heat a pan over medium heat.
2. Warm the crispy pork.
3. Heat up a new pan, stir fry chilli and garlic. Make the garlic yellow
4. Add oyster sauce
5. Add the seasoning sauce.
6. Add the sugar, start to fragrant.
7. Take the crispy pork that is warm down.
8. Stir until mixed together.
9. Add white noodles.
10. Stir until dry. Add some water.
11. Add mimosa


Information from: Page มูมมาม
Picture from:  Page มูมมาม