Open up the crisis. Also set business directions “Gorilla Idea”

The current outbreak of Covid 19 has affected all parts of the world, especially the economy that has been hit hard in all countries. Not even Thailand, where every business is affected by this crisis. Every business has to adapt by using more technology. For example, creating a platform to sell products and services online Use of social media in various advertisements resulting in increased competition Therefore, to create a distinctive brand known Must have an assistant who can lead the business to success in a short time

Mr. Phisan Tunkun Managing Director Gorilla Idea Co., Ltd. Advertising agency for the new generation. Founded on the idea “New online marketing Think outside the box creatively With the gorilla’s mind. “The person behind the brand building with full online marketing Meet the needs of customers at all levels Creating works and receiving the trust of customers from more than 100 brands

Content Marketing is one of Gorilla’s key strengths. The idea of ​​making your brand known Create a brand image that matches the brand. Create content and penetrate targeted customers directly. So that customers are impressed to be able to remember the brand of the product Leading to selling products in the end

One of the customers in which Gorilla’s idea has been involved in branding since the beginning, such as Babalah Puffed Powder, Babalah. Has brought content creation through online marketing in various forms, creating awareness through influencers and micro-influencers (Influencer & Micro Influencer) which will be chosen to suit each type of product In order to create a buzz among online And using social media channels to open new markets in foreign countries

In addition to making the brand known In case the brand has a problem Idea Gorilla Is an agency that can solve professional brands. From the experience that helped solve the problem of Liv White Diamond brand of Mr. Vicky, who had faced with the problem of brand image During the period when the problem of sales of the brand fell to 80%, but after the solution to the crisis Can revive the business within a short time The team came in to help solve the problem. Taking care from planning new marketing strategies. Creating content in various media helped the brand escape the crisis. Until being a successful brand to the present day

“From the crisis It is like an important test for doing business. Idea gorillas believe that in every path that leads to success Always have problems to test And solving those problems Is the work of the gorillas. Because we have always adhered to the customer’s success is the success of Gorilla Idea as well. And we are ready to be an important force in making every brand known With creative ideas outside the box from the new generation of enthusiastic team Creative ideas solutions ready to meet the needs of customers at all levels. Helping to build and increase the business brand value of customers in the long run, “said Mr. Pisan.

Idea Gorillas is pleased to be a solution for every customer group to deal with every situation, especially during the outbreak of Covid19, ready to be open to new lifestyles, normal or New Normal, regardless of the business can grow. have By providing a complete online marketing consultancy in every step From the beginning of the business to the sales process to build a well-known brand For those interested, can contact us at 094-321-0708, 099-424-5153 or Line: @gorillaideas or