Ploy Pailin reveals life experiences as a new generation Let’s go face the world alone

“The hardest thing that we think has never been done But in the end, can do it. “Word from Ploi Pailin Tangprapaphon, teen actor And the owner of a travel page with more than 150,000 followers who come to share their experiences of studying extraterrestrial life Go through the journey to find yourself after graduation and suggest real-life steps to JOURNEY. Guidance work by the TK Park Learning Park Institute for high school students to find themselves. And planning to study in the university

#Strong in your dreams

Ploy revealed that the second time to ask permission from parents In order to travel Follow the dream of riding a train across the continent. The longest route in the world Trans-Siberian Line Which is not an easy thing, from the point of view of parents who dare to let their only daughter go out to face the world alone Not because of blocking But because of concern Therefore it is important to explain And confident that we are really serious about this, not just words But including planning ahead Let parents see the dream as we saw it.

# Every dream needs preparation

After receiving the green light from parents Ploy spent two months preparing a dream trip. Chase since cost Plane tickets, accommodation, documents, as well as seek advice from real experienced people who have traveled this route before to get all-round information It was at this point that fear began to arise in his heart. There are many questions in my mind about how to face problems alone in other countries. Until sometimes crying because of not being confident in yourself

# Departure with fear Back with courage

Although the family arrived at the airport to cheer But the first second stepped on the plane Everything is full of fear. When reaching the destination, many problems were encountered. And couldn’t find the hotel, found the language wall, which had to be gradually resolved because it had reached a point where it could not be reversed Until the end of the trip Looking back, it was found that during the 39 days of the journey Met many stories Absorb new cultures, especially from strangers who have the opportunity to chat with All of which cannot be found in the classroom

#Review yourself after the trip Crystallize the lessons learned

Nong Ploy concluded that “Each trip is like buying a course full of surprises.” We never know what each trip will teach us. Whether traveling alone Or go with a friend Naturally gives different experiences and lessons But the important thing is to give yourself time to review after the trip Think about what happened Both good experience And bad experiences Inevitably has some hidden insights But all of this will help us grow.

Whether or not he will find himself now Must not forget that in the end, living every day is learning as well The faster we learn Try new things Open to hear from many people who know. Will help you to crystallize and understand yourself faster Which would be a great benefit to life planning Both for study and work

Those interested in participating in the TK Park Open Life Book suggest that the real-life approach must be JOURNEY to find inspiration. And find yourself You can participate in the activity on FB Page. Suggest the guidelines from 17 – 28 June 2020. Free! Free of charge for all activities. Contact: 08 4900 7898 (Khun Bo) / 08 1423 3323 (Mr Earth)


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