Saturday, May 15, 2021

“Precision” opens up a new future with innovative transformers that help reduce energy Responding to a new dimension of living. New Normal

“Precision” opens up a new future with innovative transformers that help reduce energy Responding to a new dimension of living. New Normal

Business Line Power Distribution and Energy Management , a subsidiary of Precise G Corporation Limited (PCL), or PRECISE leading developer of power and energy solutions. Under virtue and professionalism Realized the importance of energy and the world environment today That is getting worse Has initiated the innovation of transformers that help the environment sustainably and can help reduce energy use by up to 20%, which is a business plan adjustment that responds to a new dimension For a New Normal lifestyle that needs to be changed and adapted from the plague. That is still a global problem Which is a new alternative That Precision has plans to advance the business of energy conservation

Mr. Vitoon Jiemchittrong Chairman of the Board of Precision Electric Manufacturing Company Limited (PEM) said that from the past situation. Precision has adjusted its New Normal business strategy under the concept of Power is Life that energy is important. Must use as much as possible Which is a group of companies Which focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection in a sustainable and best way In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) And contribute to the promotion of research and development (R&D) of the company’s precision products. Which can be further extended to innovations and technologies that meet the needs of the industrial sector and various business groups that need to reduce costs. While also continuing to conduct business sustainably and worthwhile “
“Transformer products of all precision models Designed according to Thai and international standards such as TIS, IEC, ANSI, and can also be designed in accordance with other standards. According to customer requirements By designing products that are compact and convenient for limited installation space And also developing the use of high quality raw materials and modern production processes based on the concept of environmental protection To reduce the use of unnecessary raw materials and reduce the amount of residues in the ecosystem, making Recycle is a brand of electrical equipment that has focused on environmental protection with the best quality and service for the past 37 years. With installation works from both the public and private sectors nationwide Including foreign countries from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines. Be proud “

Today, industrial sectors and various businesses Have searched for new technology in order to reduce the cost of work and can save energy in the whole system Precision has innovated Amorphous transformers (transformers) into distribution transformers. Which special features can help to reduce the electricity cost of the whole system up to 20%, which was invented from under the concept of energy conservation Which uses modern technology from production cooperation with leading companies from Japan That is designed and selected to produce with high quality machinery raw materials As well as skilled workmanship Until receiving a complete test certificate (Temperature Rise, Impulse Voltage and Short Circuit Withstand Test)From the testing institute that meets world class standards Therefore customers using Precision’s Amorphous transformers Can be sure that not only will save energy only But the service life will be longer and worthwhile Consistent with the energy saving policies of the government and private sectors And also suitable for the New Normal lifestyle that is happening in the society, “said Mr. Vitoon.

For those interested in switching to Precision’s Amorphous Transformers, ask for more information. And can view products and innovations in smart power management Or see details at and Line Official ID: @preciseproducts Or for more information, call (+66) 02-584-2367, 065-528-5355

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