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“Seniors” suggest a new student … When stepping into the KMUTT boundary, prepare to live a new normal education with Thai education.

When the epidemic crisis of Covid-19 Began to unwind, many sectors began to talk about “New normal” or “New Normal” people around the world enter “New normal style” in every aspect, including lifestyle, business, public health and education. It is another region that has a major adjustment. In the meantime, the semester is near. It is an important factor in changing the use of technology with distance learning and online learning for university students. Seems to be a new normal that must be adapted to survive. Because it is really important and necessary for students’ learning. Today, “celebrity” circles to talk to seniors. That he would like to introduce new students … When stepping into the KMUTNB to prepare for the new normal academic life?

1. Mr. Thanakrit Sribunruang, nickname “router”, 4th year, Department of Electrical Education Faculty of Industrial Education, KMUTT. Hello. New students who have entered the Pradu Daeng fence. First of all, “Congratulations to the students who are able to enter this university.” Learn new things Be diligent and patient with the obstacles that must be encountered. In which our university has teachers Academic staff are always available to give advice to you. I ask that you set goals and take action. You will be able to overcome various problems if stressed from study. Within our university, there are still activities from the club. Student club And the Student Organization, allowing you to come and try in order to learn to work systematically, creating “Soft Skills”, which can be developed for social and work applications.

In the upcoming academic year 2020, you will encounter a big adjustment under the words “New Normal” or New Norm, meaning “new normal”, which is a change in people’s behavior in using Daily life And technological advancement Especially online, freshmen and new students, and we all need to be prepared for change. Online learning “Is becoming a new normal for Thai society And online learning is not just about teaching via the digital platform. “But this new way of learning is definitely happening on campus. There are still many dimensions that you have to understand. “Please be patient, be determined to adapt to the university. And various situations quickly. “See you on the first day of the semester !!

2. Mr. Sophon Jiangthong promoted the nickname “James” in the 3rd year, Department of Instrumentation and Electronic Engineering (IEE), Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Prachinburi Campus, to all students who are about to step in to study. In King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok and living as a full-time student at this university, I would like to “introduce my students to study and study and have friends to help you, especially after the Is coming to study and preparing for the New Normal study which is online learning While also studying in the classroom. “Children may not be able to adapt to online education. Therefore, adaptation may need to be adapted to the situation. At this time, online learning and classroom learning are still important areas of study. And would like to encourage everyone Congratulations and welcome all new students !!!

3. Miss Atita Bunma, nickname “Gift”, 4th year, Department of Electrical Education The Faculty of Industrial Education, KMUTNB “Gift” believes that learning is difficult when we are worried. Have stress or feel unsafe from any place. At the same time, many personnel and professors have included knowledge about health and mental health as part of the content. For students to learn and adapt In the midst of unpredictable social situations and at the same time, educational personnel have adapted to use technology for remote work, such as online meetings. Online teaching management The above behavioral changes, although not directly changing the learning process in the classroom But should help increase the work efficiency for teachers And educational personnel. “We want our brothers and sisters, students, and students who are about to come to study in the University of Thailand, confident in the educational institution’s potential And believe in your own potential that we can and“We must not miss Preparing for New Normal learning. We must survive. “

4. Miss Pornnaphachinda Thanarak, nicknamed “Fah”, 3rd year, Faculty of Business Administration, Industrial Services, KMUTT. Today, would like to introduce a newcomer who is entering the KMUTT fence in the situation of Kovid – 19 currently having “New Normal Learning” may be unfamiliar But these will become normal in the future “Online learning is not new. But nowadays there has been development and more seriousness in online teaching. “It allows to learn a variety of new things. What interests, what would you like to learn? Nowadays there is a lot of information or subjects online that makes it easier to access. However, the new normal study must be ready and have access to equipment resources for both students. And instructors who have to adjust to changes in KMUTT emphasize the development of interpersonal relationships. Living with others, KMUTNB.Therefore, there is a teaching pattern that combines online learning and classroom learning so that you can get to know each other and do activities together. Which is still in accordance with the government and university regulations. I want all of you to adjust to this situation. “Everything has advantages and disadvantages. If anything is necessary then it should be able to adapt and stay with it. Please encourage Welcome to the Phra Chom Fence. “

In addition, online learning is probably not just an option. But it is the survival path of Thai education. And has become a new normal for many other places that need full education Because we can learn every content from everyone, anytime, anywhere, but don’t forget to follow the Social distancing policy to maintain distance.

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