Starmark has opened a new showroom, Boonthavorn Branch (Ratchada)

Starmark has opened a new showroom, Boonthavorn (Ratchada) branch and introducing a new kitchen set. Beautiful, spell from every angle Like a sculpture in the house

Star Mark creates a surprise Create a new kingdom in the heart of downtown Ratchada area with “Star Mark Boonthavorn Branch (Ratchada)”, a new showroom on an area of ​​90 square meters. A paradise for home decoration lovers. The only place to invent every room Every home area to be you And celebrating the new showroom with a new kitchen set Which reflects the unique characteristics of sculpture in the house That meet all needs to choose from a full area such as luxury, stylish, modern, luxury With the Alizza kitchen set, followed by the charm of curvature. Spell every eye with smoothness In the same way, the Star Mark exclusive Curva series, Curva, comes with the modern style Matteo (Matteo) kitchen. End with a vintage style kitchen set with Bellita (Bellita) models that feature navy blue colors. The more magical the look

With more services than the word “Perfect” with the certification area for advice And design kitchen sets with 3D programs for efficient design Matt and Lifestyles and worth using the full area With confidence in every service provided by the New Normal standard, from the design team to the installation process at the customer’s home. With the quality and standards of Starmark until the user admits for over 38 years with the experience of layout And the function functions of the Star Mark kitchen set Combining production technology with the selection of materials and production control with modern machinery and functional functions perfectly to make the kitchen a true family happiness.

Ready for you to experience the amazing experience today At the Starmark showroom Boonthavorn, Ratchada Branch For more information call. 02-441-3959 You can follow Starmark Interior news at https: // / Facebook: StarmarkInterior / Instagram: StarmarkInterior or Line @: @starmarkInterior.


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