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Taiwan with proof of the ability of “Intelligent production” through the upgrade “Intelligent automation machinery”

“Connection” and “optimization” are the main objectives of the 4.0 industry and in creating these two key components It is necessary to integrate many applications such as automation processes, IoT, intelligent robots, supply chain links, and Big Data. In the early years, Taiwan’s OEM industry was Respond to deals that create economic prosperity in Taiwan. This is an important part of the OEM industry, starting with the introduction of more automation machinery. Because work requires high accuracy and the steps in the production line are more complicated. As a result, the demand for automation is increasing. Therefore, there is a concept of the collection of “automatic machines” and “robots” to become “intelligent automation machines. Together, both of these technologies are indicators of Taiwan’s intelligent factory development. Including the machinery industry as well

Taiwan’s machinery industry has a growth rate of 3.3 billion US dollars per year Not too long ago, the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association (TAMI) reported that exports of mechanical equipment in 2019 show that the cumulative export value is up to 27.8 billion US dollars. And the total production value was 35.245 billion US dollars. Expected that this year the total production value will increase to 3.3 billion US dollars With the export value increasing by 5% -10%. In addition, it is predicted that the value of main machine tool production will increase by 10% even though Kovid-19 That occurred in early 2020 will have a severe impact on the export of mechanical equipment But there is a prediction that this market will be in high demand if the outbreak decreases during April – May. And if the economy can recover in the second half It will become a huge opportunity for Taiwan’s machinery industry. This is because Taiwan has joined the international industrial robot market, and “Techman robot”, which is a major highlight, has occupied the second market in the world market since 2018, only after Denmark’s Universal Robots.

TM12 is another 28 intelligent machines that have been awarded from the Taiwan Excellence Award to show around the world the first robot that can work together with the “eyes”. TM12 is able to use the identification process. By referring to the shape, position, barcode, and color of the object. In addition, TM12 can also intelligently position images Which is suitable for semiconductors (Semiconductors), integrated circuits, and intelligent control system industry. Fuji Keizai is a consultant and research market for advanced information technology. It is predicted that the global market of the robotics industry will expand by two and a half times from 2018 until the end of 2025, with the total production value of US $ 26.7 billion. The size of the robot market that can work with humans will reach 3.828 billion USD With more than seven times the value of 2018, the introduction of AI artificial intelligence mechanical equipment, Taiwan is considered to have a competitive advantage in this area. And including a concrete foundation for the continuous development of “Intelligent automatic machinery” because not only that Can also develop solutions for many automated production lines for customers But there are other solutions To meet the future production lines as well

The development trend of Industry 4.0, and includes methods for checking and controlling all parts of the machine As well as developing and improving production efficiency as well Is a testament to Taiwan’s strong automation capabilities. One of Taiwan’s most notable innovations is the Buffalo i4.0 machine tool intelligent monitoring system, which won the 28th Taiwan Excellence Award, which combines intelligence with advanced machine tools. Which the system can meet all production needs After the installation of intelligent machine monitoring system i4.0, the machine will be able to inspect all consumables. In addition, it can quickly collect large amounts of data and also analyze the necessary amount of reference data for supervisors. The system has been developed in the process control. Understanding the age of the product Power management Which is recognized for its high accuracy and the reliability of the production line.

Delta Electronics, another Taiwanese company that received the Taiwan Excellence Award, has developed “automation machinery” as well as developing “intelligent manufacturing”, launching a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solution. However, when comparing the output of traditional production lines With the productivity of a customizable intelligent factory Can increase efficiency by up to 70% and increase production capacity from 3 times to 5 times. In addition, it can reduce the production area by about 35%. These reinforce the efficiency and value of “Efficiency enhancement” of Industry 4.0 which aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help companies to gain a competitive advantage.

To meet the needs And increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing sector around the world. Various ministries of Taiwan such as Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, and various industry associations Came to play a role in joint development and strengthen the development and research Intelligent machinery industry Considered as the main industry in Taiwan, the fastest growing and fastest development. And resulting in Taiwan being on the podium to become “The Kingdom of Intelligent Machinery Manufacturing” with a long-term goal of becoming the world’s intelligent machinery manufacturing base and as a solution provider in this area. More than that Taiwan also aims to build an intelligent machinery ecosystem and launch the civil chemical industry, electronic information, information services, and other key industries to be a driving force and enhance production capacity globally.

The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan (MOEA) in 1993. Products with this symbol must pass strict selection. There are 4 criteria to consider, namely research and development, design, quality and marketing selected by the government. And this award-winning work represents a product that represents excellence And excellence in innovation This symbol is accepted. And is known worldwide in over 106 countries.
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