Take care of the inflammation that occurs in the first 72 hours.

# Take care of inflammation that occurs in the first 72 hours

Hey guys, do you know? If the mites are infected then the first 72 hours of the inflammation. They don’t squeeze, rub, rub, and let the muscles hurt. Or apply cream that is hot, it should not be used, the initial period is inflammation. The body will let us know that Right now, I’m inflamed. With the secretion of inflammatory-related substances such as Prostaglandins During this period the blood vessels will expand with the effects of this inflammatory substance. Therefore causing the inflamed area to have pain, swelling, hot red

They will take what is hot. Such as cream that is hot or has not yet been squeezed in Because it will increase vasodilation Or add more inflammatory substances to the inflamed area. Understand

Therefore, the first 72 hours of inflammation Go to find ice to compress Or cream that is a little bit cold Because it will cause the blood vessels to contract And reduce the gathering of inflammatory substances The pain will improve and be treated correctly. And the pain will get better

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