Sunday, May 16, 2021

Thai Chefs respond to the New Normal Method

The food business is ready to continue. “Tai Chef” reveals how to deal with the epidemic situation. Covid 19 opens a new normal lifestyle or confident with clean products. Safe according to international standards Along with sharing business secrets after investing in BOI

Mr. Somjate Panjawattanangkun Managing Director, Four Foods Company Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of high quality food products to both the domestic and international food industry groups. Revealed that how to cope with the epidemic situation, Covid-19 said that the company normally emphasizes cleanliness in the production of seasoning powder, multi-flavored fermented powder that is hygienic according to international food production standards. However, due to the covid epidemic situation in the world that has been negatively affected, both health and economy. Causing the company to be strict with cleanliness And adjust the way to handle the said situation, including personnel management Management of goods and raw materials in accordance with current events In order to minimize the impact on the company and personnel By dividing the coping methods into 3 main areas

Personnel, which is the most urgent adjustment to management methods Because Four Food is a food seasoning powder production plant. Multi-flavored fermented powder for the meat, seafood and large-scale poultry processing industry As well as being a factory for producing special seasoning powder products under the brand “Tai Chef” for small and medium sized industries like SME and general consumers. Causing the company to have a large number of personnel within the factory, including daily staff, monthly employees and consultants. If only one employee is infected with the Covid 19 virus, it may spread to other employees because of the disease. Can be contacted by touching, coughing, and sneezing, so the factory has strict measures regarding screening, temperature and cleanliness before entering the factory. Masking-out measures And alcohol for all personnel Including educating the effects And preventing viruses for Thai employees And prepare translation documents for foreign employees

The next part is sales. By organizing a team meeting to look at all of the food groups, assessing the situation of customers and finding ways to deal with each customer in a correct way, such as those that are very affected Sales staff periodically follow up and update the situation with customers that are less affected, such as those that can be sold online. Sales representatives are coordinated and new products are introduced in order to add value and further enhance customers’ products to be more outstanding and different.

And the last part is the procurement aspect by holding a team meeting as well to assess both internal and external factors of the company To prepare the raw materials Product manufacturing Stock management Warehouse management And distribution of products to be flexible Enough to meet the market demand in the near future during the outbreak of Covid 19, and the future is approaching a new normal life

In addition, Khun Somjate Shared the experience after the investment from The Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) (BOI: Board of Investment), an agency that helps promote investment both domestically and internationally To increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in the ASEAN Community Previously, the company had a plan to install solar panels to reduce electricity costs. But because of limited budget, only 50 kilowatts can be installed, so decided to consult with the BOI Which the BoI has provided excellent advice As well as doing the investment and coordinating with SME entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture, food, working directly on solar loops to install solar panels for Allowing the company to install 314 kilowatts of solar panel, reduce the average value from 50,000-60,000 baht per month and can use this money to further expand the business. Whether in advertising Media Purchasing equipment for employees

“For SME entrepreneurs who think that making investment matters to further expand business with the BOI There is a hassle in tax documents. Preparation regulations and others suggest that you do not have to worry because it’s not as complicated as you think because the BOI has staff to advise both the preparation. Equipment and documents Accounting, etc. Therefore, encourage all entrepreneurs to try to consult with the BOI. “Somjate concluded.

In this regard, Thai Chefs is launching many new products to satisfy the food business customers. Thai Chef products can be bought at bakery shops nationwide. Or Gourmet stores in The Mall, Makro, Big C Supercenter, all branches nationwide Or order online with “Fast Tai Chef” service. Order today, deliver today, tomorrow arrive quickly at, or,, FB: ThyChef, ID Line: @thychef For more information, please contact 02-968-3723-6

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