Thonburi Hospital opens Drive-In Unit, separating respiratory diseases Close the opportunity to get infected Increase confidence for patients.

Thonburi Hospital Emphasize their concern during the outbreak of COVID-19 with strict safety measures. Build confidence for people to receive health care continuously. Complete with service forms to increase convenience and privacy. Close the chance of getting infected. And relieve anxiety for patients admitted to the hospital with Drive-In Unit, a special clinic for treating patients with respiratory illnesses, colds, fever, coughs, sore throats with One Stop Service.

Dr. Wachirabunsastraruchi, Medical Director Thonburi Hospital revealed that the Drive-In Unit examination room was designed as a Covid-19 sterile room. So that patients with fever, cough, sore throat and have symptoms for no more than 1 week to undergo treatment with peace of mind and anxiety relief Under the convenience and safety By providing 6 examination rooms, every room has a fresh air conditioning system with UV installed to ensure that the room is sterile And have measures to clean the examination room by spraying disinfectant as soon as each patient’s treatment is complete All patients who receive the service can be confident that they will receive treatment services in a clean, sterile room. And private

The Drive-In Unit service is available for patients with respiratory illnesses. Set up a service point in front of Building 2 and clearly separate service from the main building Patients with fever, cough, or sore throat can come to receive treatment immediately. Or call to make an appointment in advance at 1645 press 1, which will have staff to book the queue and receive treatment by the appointment date and time. Which the car can be parked in front of the examination room And patients can go to receive examination in the examination room immediately Which the hospital has prepared a parking space for up to 20 spaces, able to support the car that will circulate sufficiently

Dr. Wachirabun added that The opening of the Drive-In Unit examination room for patients with fever, cough, sore throat gives patients the comfort of not having the risk of spreading the infection to general patients receiving services in the building. main At the same time, patients with fever, cough, sore throat, do not have to wait to get mixed with other patients with the same symptoms. Because the examination room is clearly separated only It is called reducing both sides of the risk.

In addition, the Drive-In Unit service is a new type of service that focuses on the customers as important, convenient, safe and does not mix with others. Build confidence for patients who will use the service. With recommendations from the Department of Disease Control on sterile isolation measures in hospitals to reduce the chance of infection It also helps to increase the efficiency of screening and treatment during the outbreak of Covid-19.

As for the Drive-In Unit service, there are simple, convenient, and safe ways, with 4 steps as follows

1. Drive for service at the Drive-In Unit in front of Building 2 with clearly marked directions.

2. Personnel providing services and inquiries To register history including checking rights of disbursement-payment In which the patient does not have to get out of the car

3. Patients are treated by a professional doctor in a clean and sterile private examination room.

4. After the doctor has examined and ordered the medication Able to pay while receiving the drug under the guidance of a pharmacist Which can either wait in the examination room or go out to wait in the patient’s own car

For patients who come to receive treatment services that require ongoing treatment such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obstetrics and gynecology. Neurosis and brain disease Orthopedic diseases, etc. can be treated at a specialized medical center according to the symptoms of each disease in the main building area safely and confidently with strict disease prevention measures. By providing appropriate service areas and adjusting service systems to reduce risks Designate every hospital entry and exit points for screening Body temperature measurement and history taking Cleaning of frequently exposed areas and public areas with disinfectants Providing sufficient alcohol, hand washing gel in all service areas As well as requiring all visitors to wear a mask And keep the distance while waiting for the examination To build confidence and safety for all customers

“Our Thonburi Hospital is committed to moving forward in the development of care and services. So that those who rely on Thonburi Hospital to be more satisfied with the care and services even more. “Dr. Wachirabunsastraruchi, Medical Director Thonburi Hospital Conclude


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