What is a domain?

What is a domain ? Domain is a domain name or Domain Name is a word that you can easily remember. So we use the domain to communicate with the DNS Server when we want to visit the website after that the DNS or the domain name system. It will convert the name to an IP address to connect to the Internet.

If you want to understand a simple domain name, what is a domain ? Just imagine that the domain name we have to put in the URL is like our online address. Make internet users able to access our website By adding a domain name to a search on the Internet. Originally, IP addresses were used, which were hard to remember numbers. Somewhat similar to a phone number, and none of them are brand indications. For this reason, domain names were developed and used to identify locations on the Internet that we can remember and are easy to spell, such as www.google.com, for example. This is why domain names are so incredibly useful.

When you want to access the website By typing the domain name on your web browser After that, the web browser we use such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. will communicate with the DNS Server to understand the IP address that the website uses. Because the browser can directly communicate with the Web Server by using the IP address as the medium of connection. However, even though the numbers are hard to remember, But we can use numbers to use in our domain name together with the letters. And can be used in conjunction with other domain name extensions such as .com, .net, etc.

What is a Top-Level Domain and what is it?
Top-Level Domain, abbreviated as TLD, is used for grouping websites. For example

  • .com means company or organization
  • .net means network service provider
  • .org refers to a non-profit organization

Besides that, there are many other TLDs out there in the world. There are hundreds, such as .webs .solutions, even .ninja, but also a group of .com, .net .org, we call it generic top level domain, which is commonly used, and TLD also has a country level. For example, Thailand will end with .th as follows

  • .co.th means a company or organization in Thailand
  • .net.th means network service provider in Thailand
  • .or.th means a non-profit organization in Thailand
  • .ac.th means educational organization in Thailand
  • .go.th means government organizations in Thailand

For choosing a good domain name, there are some tips. As follows

  • The shorter name is first, the short name has a better chance of being remembered.
  • .com first, most people still think that the website must be .com, so .com is more recognizable. The title must be relevant to the business. Or is it a specific name for a business? For example, amazon.com is an Amazon company and gmail.com is an email service. Note that the word Mail is in it.
When used continuously Domain names can also have an expiration date. The way to check the expired domain is not difficult at all. There are 2 websites to choose from, that is

Which when we are able to find the name that you want to register the domain name then Can go straight to the domain name registration together, the Thai E-Commerce Association To start doing business with confidence Safe without any problems

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