Sunday, April 11, 2021

Why do you pray to receive merit?

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In which the post owner has doubts in Why do you pray to receive merit? And there are opinions from many members to explain, explain, visualize and understand Therefore would like to publish for friends who still have doubts

How to pray? Cannot understand even the translation. Praying to be sleepy and not as conscious as the end of the prayers. Because everyone says that prayers are good to do. I believe that most people do because the Buddhist society says ” Well done “

Prayer and receive merit? I didn’t understand this. Just pray and get merit. Do good to get merit (Actually, I’m not sure about this. Because the evildoers see well) but I still believe that Do good one day must be good Around us there are only good people because we avoid going out with bad people. People around us will do good to us because we do good to them … with heart. Please explain according to the opinions of the members described. But will it be effective? Depending on friends. Try to practice by yourself. And then can answer the question to yourself ….

Merit is charity, any act of physical, verbal, charitable mind is merit

Prayer even without understanding the language Naturally causes the mind to concentrate, not to be distracted, without desire to disturb the mind Doing so is considered to calm the mind calm, calm, light, and therefore is a form of merit. The so-called peace of mind or folk language is meditation.

But if praying with understanding of the meaning If in the prayer there is a matter of defiling desire That impermanence is suffering, not the body of the mind And able to train and consider according to the hymns Can purify the mind of the inner desires That is called Vipassana meditation.

Both of these parts are the training to purify the mind from desire. Considered as a high level of merit in Buddhism

Enlightenment in Buddhism has two simple things and Vipassana.  Peace means peace. Means to make the mind calm and suppress Such as meditation When the peace arose, then entered Vipassana to get rid of lust. The initial desire is the sensual, rage, rage that is in our hearts. If you don’t get into this principle and can’t get rid of lust Because the heart still doesn’t have the power or the power to get rid of the lust Meaning that it is still a lustful desire There are still many more desires.) Prayer is only to support the mind to be a little calm. It is not at all to the point that the heart is not yet calm. And when he was not content Still cannot ascend Vipassana When Vipassana cannot Cannot eliminate lust Passion still remains with us completely as before. Or growing and growing more than before However, we have to consider the character (Pali called “Hassana”) as well. It is difficult to change the Hassana’s character or haste.

“How to pray ?” Answered. Prayer is considered as output. Meaning to remember the Lord Buddha Recalling the teachings of His Majesty (praying and praying) as a charity Is a supporter to calm the mind We should also know the meaning of each chant, so we can bow to follow, such as the verses of the Pahang Then we tried to follow in the footsteps of the Lord Buddha Not to the point of having to translate every word

“Pray and receive merit?” Answer: Merit can be achieved by observing the merit of 10 objects. One of the ten is the merit from performing Dharma. Prayer is a form of dharma. For others to listen to or ourselves can apply that Dhamma to further practice