Why work from home becomes fatter

The covid disaster makes many people have to start #WorkFromHome, but in the past few days. What can be observed is weight gain, swelling, and tight pants because #WFH has changed our lifestyle habits!

1. Waking up / not being able to sleep at the time
– Life clock confused
– Poor metabolism

– Set the alarm / sleep time To be synchronized every day

2. Order food to eat
When ordering food delivery Tend to be tempted by delicious things Then ended up ordering a sweet, fatty, fried food

Try to eat yourself some meals. As much as possible After work, cut the vegetables and cut the fish. Once the meal is ready to start cooking immediately And does not take long. Simple menus that are not fat, such as sukiyaki soup, steamed eggs, brown rice.

3. Stock up on dried goods, nectar snacks,
There are only crispy snacks in the house. Instant noodles, porridge, soda soft drink until enough to find something to eat. Found only high sodium, high fat, high sugar. How can this weight not increase?

Stock up on healthy foods such as whole wheat, brown rice, or to deliver fresh vegetables from the supermarket. As for sweet, soft drinks, or even fruit juices. No need to buy it, it will be very good. Practice drinking plenty of water Or if wanting to be a bit refreshed, empty soda with ice or green tea without sugar

4. Rarely moving,
– lack of agility
– the daily work from Home task completed Then sit watching TV / playing mobile phone for a long time

– Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
– Do not place everything too close to hand. To have the opportunity to move and pick up and pick up here

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